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Printable Poster Set - Crooked Neck Characters, Critters, and Cover


Printable Writer's Tools - "Retrolining" Chapter Tracker Sheets


Side Effects May Vary (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 1: Surface (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 2: Going Underground (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 3: Buried (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 4: Forces of Attraction (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 5: Children of Change (Ebook)


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom: The Complete Edition (Ebook)


The Accuser (Ebook)


The Bureaucrat: An Uncanny Satire for Veterans (Ebook)


The Capramancer Next Door (Ebook)


The Girlfriend Who Wasn't from Delaware (Ebook)


The Purrfect Christmas (Ebook)


The Witching License (Ebook)


What the Cat Brought Back (Ebook)


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Seven stories. Three flavors of fun.

About the Author

I’m Danielle Williams, and I write scifi/fantasy/horror/comedy/??! stories! I want to shake peoples' hearts deeply with my work.

I've written (so far) five novels and over a dozen other tales of wonder, horror and humor, including THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR, WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK, and STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM. My work's also appeared on the NoSleep Podcast.

When's the next one coming out? Best place to find out is at my site,

When's the next one coming out?

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