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Worlds of Wonder: A Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Chapter Sampler (Ebook)

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WORLDS OF WONDER is a sweeping introduction to the distinctively creative fiction of author Danielle Williams. While others might be stingy with their freebies, this sampling totals up to 60,000 words, making it easy to thoroughly test-drive this new-to-you indie author.

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling sci-fi adventure, a spine-tingling horror tale, or an old-fashioned heartwarming fantasy, you’re sure to find compelling characters, imaginative situations, and most importantly, PURE ENTERTAINMENT inside this special chapter collection!

WORLDS OF WONDER includes the opening chapters from the following stories: Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, The Capramancer Next Door, Out Where the Sun Always Shines, Chrystine's Sleep Solution, The Girlfriend Who Wasn't from Delaware, Love Potion Commotion!, and A Gingersnap Cat Christmas.


STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM - In his darkest hour, an ambitious young scientist strikes a deal with the bizarre Queen of the faerie world. Little does he know her help comes at a cost even he cannot calculate…

THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR – A down-to-earth mage and her magical goats must protect their new neighbor when he crosses an angry fairy in this upbeat fantasy adventure.

OUT WHERE THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES: A NOIR LOVE STORY - This is a story about a spy who fell in love with a girl who didn't love him back.

Or did she? In one final act of devotion, the spy will cross a continent, wrestle his memories, and discover the truth.


CHRYSTINE'S SLEEP SOLUTION – A woman tormented by insomnia begins using a mysterious new sleep app. But the app's soothing interface conceals a horrifying secret…

THE GIRLFRIEND WHO WASN'T FROM DELAWARE - Apartment walls are thin. Reality may be thinner. Ray Belga lives in the ugliest apartment building in town—but at least it's quiet. Until a mystery neighbor's fridge starts acting up. At least…Ray thinks it's a fridge. But he'll soon learn you can't trust everything you hear through apartment walls…


LOVE POTION COMMOTION! - Dating goes the dogs! Sick of listening to her great-niece's dating woes, good witch Vivian concocts a plan to get her great-niece into the arms of a special someone. But can magic solve the problems of love?

A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS - But when Heaven needs an extra paw, Gingersnap answers the call! Sent back to Earth with miracle powers, Gingersnap must help a little kitten and a struggling family fulfill a big destiny. A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS will have you laughing, cheering, and looking for the unexpected friendships in your life.

This ebook sampler makes it easier than ever to try before you buy—so download WORLDS OF WONDER today.

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