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FETCHING FRENCHIES 2022 Digital Wallpaper Collection

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Inspired by the FASHION FRENCHIES series, these hand-drawn digital wallpapers made by Danielle Williams combine the cuteness of Frenchie faces with a fashionable and fun pattern! The result? FETCHING FRENCHIES.

Comes in twelve fun color variations:
  • Original Bright
  • Soft
  • Dark Mode
  • Newsprint Grey
  • Fog Blue
  • Funky Freeze
  • Funky Freeze Dark
  • Greyscaled
  • Goldscaled
  • Ocean Calm
  • Puppy Vuitton
  • Ice Cubed
Purchase includes: two zip files -- one containing all 12 color variations for phones/devices, and another for the desktop files.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (10MB)
  • ZIP (9MB)

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