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Steel City, Veiled Kingdom: The Complete Edition (Ebook)

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Bright minds hide the darkest secrets…

Jerimin Icarii’s life is in shambles. Once an ambitious young scientist, years of hardship on the streets of his homeworld have transformed him into a desperate man, willing to do anything to get his life back.

In his darkest hour, he strikes a deal with the bizarre Queen of the faerie world. Now her supernatural powers help him keep up appearances while he claws his way back into society. The longer he keeps up the charade, the closer he gets to respect, wealth, and glory. But one slipup will get him killed.

And that’s not even the dangerous part. Because the cost of the Queen’s aid is obedience to her every whim.

And Jerimin never knows what she’ll make him do next…

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom is a science fantasy overflowing with intrigue, adventure, and colorful characters you’ll love (and a few you’ll love to hate). It’s the perfect story for any sci-fi/fantasy lover looking for an immersive, inventive read.

STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM: THE COMPLETE EDITION presents the entire story as it was originally envisioned--as a single, complete, epic-length novel. The Complete Edition is only available in digital format at this time. However, all 5 parts of the story are offered as individual volumes in both digital and paperback and are listed here:

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 1: Surface

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 2: Going Underground

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 3: Buried

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 4: Forces of Attraction

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, Part 5: Children of Change

Ebook includes .mobi and .epub formats.
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